From 8 until 15 May 2011 the World Table Tennis Championships where staged in Rotterdam.


From 8 until 15 May 2011 the World Table Tennis Championships where staged in Rotterdam.

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Please find here an overview of the hotel accommodation per delegation. This overview is still provisional as mutations in the delegations may affect it.

2011 WTTC Bulletin 1, October 2010
2011 WTTC Bulletin 2, December 2010
2011 WTTC Bulletin 3, February 2011
2011 WTTC Bulletin 4, March 2011
2011 WTTC Bulletin 5, April 2011

A full overview of all participants is available on

WTTC Bulletin 5: erratum

Unfortunately an incorrect e-mail address was given in Bulletin 5 and one interesting item was missing. Please find below the relevant information.

We realize that delegations may still have mutations in the list of participants and in the travel schedule. So as to act efficiently, please report any changes immediately to with a copy to.

Competition program and practice schedule
Now that the final number of entries is known, the schedule for the qualifications is being prepared. More information on the program will be sent by the ITTF in a few days.
On 5, 6 and 7 May, practice capacity will be provided. A practice schedule is being prepared and will be available at accreditation. Your arrival date and time will be used as input for this schedule.
On all 40 competition tables live scoring will be available. On screens per table, not only the scoring is given, but also additional information. On several screens in the playing hall and in the rest of the venue, live scoring information, the tournament schedule and much more interesting information will be available. We are proud to offer this brand new service to all participants, staff, officials, media and public. For players, staff, officials and media, free WiFi is available in the venue, so that the organization can keep them informed. A special WTTC IPhone app has been developed, which will give you even more details.


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