From 8 until 15 May 2011 the World Table Tennis Championships where staged in Rotterdam.


From 8 until 15 May 2011 the World Table Tennis Championships where staged in Rotterdam.

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Visitors and Groups - Are you ready for the 2011 WTTC in Rotterdam?

Are you planning to visit the 2011 World Table Tennis Championships in Rotterdam? And would you like to know more about the championships, Rotterdam and available hotel accommodations, then the following is for you.

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Eurokids finals during the 2011 WTTC

We have the pleasure to present  from the Eurokids finals in Rotterdam, made by kind courtesy of Match Sport Media solutions. All four kids will participate at the ITTF World Hopes week at the WSA.

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Public favourite Boll unable to spoil the Chinese party

All five finals at the GAC GROUP 2011 World Table Tennis Championships turned out to be all-Chinese affairs. The domination of the Asian megapower could not have been expressed more explicitly. On Sunday morning, public favourite Timo Boll did not succeed in becoming the only exception.  The German, who felt so good in The Netherlands, could not avert defeat, going down 4-1 to Zhang Jike. For Boll there was one consolation; the bronze was his first singles medal in a World Championships.

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Dutch federation: WTTC unite table tennis players

The Netherlands Table Tennis Association (NTTB) is celebrating its 75th anniversary in Ahoy. “It’s great to see that everybody is beaming during the World Championships”, says Ronald Kramer, chairman of the NTTB. The party has passed with flying colours. Kramer: “Everyone – from volunteer to tournament director – has given his best. That makes these World Championships special. Terrific.”

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Team World Championships Dortmund already in ten months

Only ten months go to and then the next World Table Tennis Team Championships will start. And also that tournament will take place close by. In the German city of Dortmund the Liebherr World Table Team Tennis Championships will be held. The Dutch ladies have promised that they want to go for a medal. The ticket sale for the event in the Westfalen-hallen which has room for 11,000 spectators, will start in July: website

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Column | The World Championships in Pyongyang

During the 1979 world Championships in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, China no longer gave a single table tennis match away intentionally. On the last day the Korean lady defender Li Song Buk was forced to submit to the material player He Xinai in front of her home supporters, twenty thousand screaming North Koreans.


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