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Foundation for Table Tennis Events in The Netherlands

The 2011 World Table Tennis Championships will be played under the auspices of the International Table Tennis Federation.  The World Championships have been awarded to the Netherlands Table Tennis Association, the NTTB.

The NTTB has contracted out the organization of the World Championships to the STN, the Foundation for Table Tennis Events in The Netherlands. The STN has appointed a Championships Director, Ton van Happen. Under his leadership an organizing committee was formed in 2010.

The board of the organizing committee
Chairman                                         Jaap Noordenbos                      
Secretary                                           Michael van Nieuwkasteele                       
Treasurer                                          Salco Herschberg

The organizing committee for the 2011 World Table Tennis Championships:

Management Team
Implementation                                    Ton van Happen
Communication                                   Carolien van Eerde
Commerce                                            Michel van Grunsven            
Rotterdam Topsport                            Gerda IJff

Other organizers
Office Manager                                   Ineke de Graaf                         
Logistics manager                            Wim Slootbeek
Finance                                                Marcel Frijhoff
Referee                                                Bertus Schotmeijer
Tournamentcontrol                            Igor Heller
Infrastructure Ahoy                             Wim de Vrankrijker
Promotion support                             Arjen de Groot
Staff member                                      Kelly van Zon
Staff member                                      Suzanne Stokbroeks
Staff member                                       Patrick van Sevenbergen
Volunteer coordination                      Ria Elshof 
                                                               Henk Brouwer
                                                               Liesbeth Waterreus  
                                                               Hans Waterreus
During 2011 other persons will be involved in the organisation.

The organizing committee is based on the model approach for events as used in the Olympic Plan. As you can see, the option chosen is for a small professional Management Team to direct operations centrally.

The Management Team is supported by the World Championships office. At the moment the World Championships office is located untill 4th May :

Office World Table Tennis Championships 2011

Account Number : 
ABN-Amro Bank


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