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MATCH Sport Media Solutions, an excellent partner when sports and media meet

Right from it is start, MATCH Sport Media Solutions got involved with the World Table Tennis Championships 2011 in Rotterdam. People connected to this event have been saying that if there's anything with a pin connector, MATCH is responsible for it. And in fact that couldn't be more true. All techniques used in and around the World Table Tennis Championships will be supervised by MATCH.

Our goal in every assignment is to make optimal use of all available media and techniques. We are very confident that this will result into a better accessible product for larger audiences. To achieve this goal, we will make the most out of internet applications, social media and high-standard audiovisual techniques.

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Create visual impact through design

Immits is an agency for visual communication. We advise and design. A team of creatives and strategists work together to develop ideas and form, driven and inspired by the Rotterdam no nonsense mentality. This can result in a graphic item such as a corporate identity, website, book or brochure but also a branding campaign or the organization of a total communication plan. Beside working for clients, Immits develops creative products and ideas, often related to the city of Rotterdam.

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