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Dutch federation: WTTC unite table tennis players

15 May 2011

The Netherlands Table Tennis Association (NTTB) is celebrating its 75th anniversary in Ahoy. “It’s great to see that everybody is beaming during the World Championships”, says Ronald Kramer, chairman of the NTTB. The party has passed with flying colours. Kramer: “Everyone – from volunteer to tournament director – has given his best. That makes these World Championships special. Terrific.”

Frank Berteling, director of the NTTB:  “It’s great to observe the perception in particular. Everybody forms a team. This event has brought table tennis players together. That is fantastic because we look upon these World Championships as the springboard to new zeal for our association. With the passion we now see we should be able to succeed.”

In the campaign for recreational sport ’Join the Table’ the emphasis is on the children. Berteling: “Our goal was to introduce table tennis to 10 000 children. That number has increased in the meantime to 15 000. We have to convert that figure into new members. This can only be done by taking the chances together with the clubs.”

 Kramer: “Our sport on this level has seldom had so much TV coverage in The Netherlands. As a viewer you are being stimulated to learn to understand the game. Everybody now knows that table tennis is a cool sport, full of dynamics. Now it’s our task to challenge even more people to start playing table tennis in, for instance, sports facilities.”

The transfer has to be made with the clubs. “We are in serious dialogue with the clubs. Also here in Rotterdam we have done this. I feel good about that. Something that has struck me is that people throughout the country have a lot to tell to each other. Everybody wants to move forward together. This World Championships is generating so much positive energy, that’s marvellous.”

The fire has been stirred up considerably. “We show that The Netherlands have a talent for organization. We can handle top sporting events, it really can be done in our country. That we, table tennis players, do that makes me very satisfied and proud. Nationally and internationally we are highly commended. We have achieved something very nice”  the chairman continues.  ‘This event whets the appetite for more” Berteling adds.  “Getting the World Championships or European Championships makes a lot possible. Much more can then be generated. Events we should like to be awarded in the future include a World Championships for the Disabled and a European Championships.”

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