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Dutch men win gold medal, ladies win silver

4 November 2010

After the individual medals of Kelly van Zon and Gerben Last, there was also success at the team tournament. The Dutch men (class 9) won a gold medal at the World Championships for disabled in the South Korean Gwanju. Gerben Last, Ronald Vijverberg and Tonnie Heijnen defeated France with 3-0. Also the Dutch ladies surprised with a silver medal at the team tournament.

Gerben Last played the opening match of the finals against Thomas Bouvais. The Dutch winner of the bronze medal at the individual tournament easily won the first game with 11-4. The second game was won with 11-8. This was also the outcome of the last game.
The Netherlands was leading with 1-0.  

Next Ronald Vijverberg played against Frederick Ballais, who earlier defeated Ronald in the individual tournament. Ronald Vijverberg started strong and won the first two games with 11-8. In the third game he was behind with 4-8, but he managed to get back to 8-8. In a nerve-racking slot he lost narrowly with 13-11. The Frenchman also won the fourth game with 10-12. The fifth game was deciding. Spectacular ball exchanges followed, and eventually it was Vijverberg who brought the Dutch team at a 2-0 advantage by winning the fifth game with 11-8.  

In the doubles the Dutch played with Tonnie Heijnen en Gerben Last. The first game was won with 12-10. The second game they immediately took the lead and won with 11-5. The third and last game was also easily won with 11-7. The world title was for the Dutch team.  

Also the Dutch women were playing the finals of the team event (class 6-8).The Dutch ladies stood up against the Swedish that had the advantage of a smaller handicap. Wendy Schrijver and Kelly van Zon (who already won the individual tournament in class 7) could not cope against the Swedish, who had the advantage of a lighter handicap. Coached by Johan Lieftink, Kelly and Wendy lost with 3-0.  

Kelly van Zon started against Marleen Rosenmeier. After the loss in the first game, Kelly took a 2-1 advantage. The Swedish player had problems in controlling the service. Also in the fourth game Kelly was ahead with 6-2, but the match capsized and Rosenmeijer eventually won the fourth and fifth game.   

Then Wendy Schrijver played against Josefin Abrahamsson. The first game was lost narrowly. The second game went similar. Wendy was playing good in the rallies, the differences were small, but the Swedish eventually also won the second game. The third game was the turnaround in the match. The Swedish divided the balls good over the whole table and Schrijver lost the game. The Dutch women were looking at a 2-0 disadvantage.  

In the doubles, the Dutch created an advantage of 1-0, but the Swedish women increased the pressure and eventually the difference was too big. The Dutch women lost with 1-3. For Kelly van Zon and Wendy Schrijver the silver medal was a great ending of  a very successful World Championship.  

 In May 2011 we expect the Dutch team to play at the Factor 40 Dutch Open which will be held in Ahoy, Rotterdam, parallel to the 2011 WTTC.

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