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Bettine Vriesekoop plays her new role with verve

14 May 2011

Busy, busier, busiest. That is typically Bettine Vriesekoop these days. The top player of yesteryear is Ambassador to the World Table Tennis Championships. She takes her job seriously, speeds through the corridors of Ahoy and, as the former figurehead of Netherlands table tennis, has given a number of interviews this past week. With this also – and mainly – setting the tone: the tournament in Rotterdam is the best possible advertisement for the sport.

On Saturday, Vriesekoop was co-commentator for the ladies’ singles final between Li Xiaxia and Ding Ning, both from China, the country whose language she speaks fluently. During the opening ceremony she made the draw, somewhat peaky with ‘flu coming on. Among everything else she still finds time to promote her book ‘Duizend dagen in China’ (in Dutch: A Thousand Days in China). The book tells of the period during which she worked in Beijing as correspondent for the Dutch daily newspaper, the NRC Handelsblad. Anyone wishing to know more about Vriesekoop and/or China should definitely buy the book.


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