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Live scoring system is user-friendly

8 May 2011

The technique works, on all fronts. The live scoring system, which is being used in the World Table Tennis Championships for the first time, was tested extensively on Saturday.

Every table has screens on which the intermediate match scores can easily be followed. "A great step forward" says umpire Wim Muller, who has introduced the system to a number of German colleagues. "Actually, it's very simple" says the official from Enschede, who had the chance to try out the live scoring system during the Netherlands Championships and the preliminary rounds of the World Championships."At the beginning you have to be very careful not to make a mistake, but once you're used to it it's very easy. Mainly a question of pushing the right buttons; it's very user-friendly. The old-fashioned scoreboards will not disappear from the scene overnight; the new system will be too expensive to use day in, day out for matches in general. Muller: "Turning the numbers over, that will always exist." Elsewhere in the hall the bats were checked and the players could choose from their favourite balls. "Everything has been thought of" says Wim Muller, who is looking forward with confidence to the tournament in Rotterdam. Everything seems to be working fine, from the journalists with their laptops to the large scoreboard in Hall 1. The organisation is ready to begin."

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